It's another WIP shot of the first few Harlequins! The first one's pretty much as seen before, the purple one got a bunch more colours than just purple (and a snazzy 'clubs' symbol on the back of his coat) and Mr.Yellow was added as well. I'm starting by painting each of them so I know their colour schemes and such before I finalize the models (including guns and equipment).

Quick break from Shadespire, I thought I'd work on a single Ultramarine for a change of pace. I usually batch paint these but I fancied just painting a single model. I'm not sure if it's the paint handle (currently in stock) or if it is because I'm concentrating on a single model but I really feel like this is coming out super neat. Nice subtle gradients and pin sharp highlights. Looking forward to working forward to working on this model a bit more. 

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